Japan, Scotland, Cambridge, London, Urban

Shot with a Rangefinder, prime 28/35/50/90, and the occasional macro piece. Move with your feet, not with a telephoto.

The images on this site are shown at a maximum of about WQXGA i.e. 4MP or so; the original images which you can purchase go all the up to the full resolution, typically 20-24MP. Exact sizes of individual original images are given in the metadata information aside the enlarged views.

All the images are available to license for personal use - you can use for your own private purposes, such as printing & framing. 

Some are also available as regular commercial stock/editorial images - royalty-free, which means that you pay just once for use of a particular image, and can then use it in multiple media or applications, globally and without time limits. For example, you can use an image on your website, in a print ad campaign, and web banners without having to pay for each new use.

Full T&Cs are available here, and at the checkout.

You can also get these commercial stock images under the usual standard yet slightly varying terms from iStock, Shutterstock or Fotolia.